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Is it real?

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Irony.. is a very funny thing to behold.

Now, I don't mean funny in the sort of "Hah-hah" way, although, I suppose sometimes it can be.

No, I mean it in the sort of way when you're looking Larxene dead in the eyes - when it just happens to be that certain time of the month when viscous red life fluids seep from regions I care to never ponder on in correlation to the savage nymph - and you know that you stole the last cup of coffee and that she's had a late morning because she had a rough night - possibly killing things - and you've just happened to push away her favorite copy of Marquis de Sade that she was reading and told her to "Get to work," and you suddenly realize why there has been a shortage of sharp kitchen knives lately and you laugh in a fit of hysterics because you know she's going to kill you and kill you hard.

I think I lost track of where I was going with this. My head has been a little in the clouds, lately.

.. I think there's possibly an innuendo in there somewhere. You figure it out.
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lethargic lethargic
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To the genius that decided to remove their shoes during their trip to the park and then forgot them on my well groomed lawn:

I've taken the liberty of filling them with birdseed and hanging them from trees by their shoestrings.

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Apparently, they make good bird-feeders.

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The park
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amused amused
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Does anyone know where I can get a cleaning solution that will remove permanant ink but not remove paint?

Some inferior imbecile void of an iota of braincells misguided child wrote vulgarities refering to acts I will not speak of on the side of my flower kiosk.

.. More frustrating is the diagram he felt the need to draw below it.

I suppose I can just repaint the area, but unless I repaint the entire thing, the coating will simply appear blotchy and hideous.


Some just do not understand the pains I go through for beauty.

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aggravated aggravated
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It seems that Francis hasn't been getting along with some of the younger Venus fly trap. I thought that, perhaps, she'd become a bit more social if I let her be in the presense of other's of her kind. Unfortunately, she tried to chew on poor Francheska and I've since had to move her back by the door all alone. Apparently months of being a lab subject in her previous home has made her.. anti-social.

I fear that she's developing cannibalistic tendancies. I'm not sure how to correct this behavior. I don't know when she's going to stop growing and I can't have her bringing harm to my other children. She seems to be growing larger every day.

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distressed distressed
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